A Powerful Service That Generates A Constant Flow Of Quality Leads

B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

About this service:

LinkedIn is the largest B2B Social Platform in the world. People are doing REAL BUSINESS on LinkedIn every day. Our service turns the LinkedIn platform into a high performing powerful lead generating machine by connecting every day with your quality leads.

Benefits this service offers your business:

      Generate constantly quality leads.
      Drive traffic to your website continuously.
      Build brand awareness online.
      Advertise your services & products everyday to the business world.

Our LinkedIn lead generation service is an aggressive powerful service that focuses on generating constantly quality leads for your business, driving traffic to your site, while building brand awareness and advertising your services to the business world.

With our service we market you on LinkedIn in order to produce positive engagement with your target market/buyer personas resulting in an increase in leads and conversions.

This is accomplished by helping you to take full advantage of vital networking connections by messaging and engaging 1000s of people on LinkedIn every month, allowing you to generate new business leads and keep your sales pipeline full of fresh prospects!

The process:

We find YOUR ideal leads, educate and engage them about your offering, and drive them to your website, optimized LinkedIn profile, phone, and email using a unique customized message specifically for your marketing strategy that we create with you.

Our compelling and attractive messaging engages your buyer personas to take action through our problem (pain points defined), solution (services/products offered), and strong CTA (Call To Action) message.

Using our proven system of sending out messages that engage your target audience/buyer personas enables us to achieve amazing results, making this service offering one of the highest ROI's compared to other B2B services.

Our team will oversee your campaign every working day generating as many leads as possible.

At the end of every month we will provide you with full monthly reporting.

How this services works:

STEP #1: LinkedIn profile makeover

Your LinkedIn Profile is your “Social Proof”on display for all the world to see. Leave it up to us to make it engaging and professional so it will shine and attract the right buyer personas you want to target.

This may include if necessary: redesigning and rewriting your current profile in order to make your profile ready for this campaign. 

Don't have a LinkedIn profile? No worries we can create a fabulous one for you!

STEP #2: Finding your company’s target audience/buyer personas on LinkedIn

We research and create a list of perfect prospects that match your buyer personas. We will help you create buyer persona templates (if you do not have these created already) to ensure a successful B2B campaign. These prospects we will to target in our outreach efforts. 

STEP #3: Messaging qulity leads on a daily bases 

We will write professional and personalized messages especially customized for your company. We will send out 75-125 connection requests every day (5 days a week) with usually 10-30% converting into leads (depending on niche). Our team also does follow up messaging to nurture these leads by discussing the pressing pain points and offering your services/products as the perfect solution.

More than 2,000 connection requests go out a month with our campaign. Our goal is a 10 -30% connection rate. That is 200 – 600 plus new connections a month with your ideal target market. 

Our process results in getting our clients as many warm to hot leads as possible every week! These leads will be sent to your company’s sales team to convert the leads into sales.

Our team will also continue to drip messages inside of LinkedIn. We will work closely with your business to determine the pressing problems and pain points of  your buyer personas. 
STEP 4 & 5: Continuous messaging campaign

We also initiate a unique drip message campaign -this campaign converts connections into interested leads. LinkedIn allows our message campaign to have a 100% delivery rate. This has proven to be very powerful.

Automatic responder messages- your company will stay engaged with all connections for several months or until they finally respond. This ensures as many connections as possible end up as interested leads.

We are constantly on top overseeing your campaign day by day to get you the maximum best results as possible!

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