Our Unique Customized Syndication Service

Building A Content Syndication Strategy That Gets Results!

As we enter 2020 content syndication should be part of your B2B content marketing strategy!

Content syndication is imperative for a B2B marketer. The greater your content distribution network, the greater opportunity your content has to generate more sales and quality leads.

Syndication is when you take a piece of content that you already created such as a blog post and make the most out of it by reusing it and amplifying it on many different relevant platforms as a lead magnet. With this said how can you leverage and reuse all the content you’ve created till now in order to generate leads for your business?  Through a carefully planned out content syndication strategy.

Maximizing Your ROI: How to Get The Most out Of Your Content!

Through syndication you are adding an extra boost (both in terms of SEO and promotion) to the content you’ve so carefully crafted or paid for. The same post published through other outlets multiplies the number of viewers and readers that scroll through your content. For a monthly small fee you can maximize and leverage your content which you have already invested in, this is a way to maximize your ROI in each blog post.

Content isn't a one and done- create one blog post and leaving it alone. Content  must be reused, optimized for SEO- repurposed, and then amplified across multiple channels, many times. This way you can derive the most benefit out of each piece of content.

This is why we have created a unique and powerful syndication service that can also  be utilized as a powerful social media marketing & PR technique. Our service combines customized automated syndication, customized manual syndication, and reaching out to the top tier syndication websites and partners in order to offer you the most extensive service with far-reaching results.

Benefits Of Our Syndication Service: 

      Extending the shelf life of your content.  
      Generate traffic to your blog.
      Expand readership and reach new audiences.
      Build and position yourself as a thought leader in your niche.
      Strengthening your online reputation, and increasing brand awareness.
      Increase your site’s visibility and brand’s credibility.
      Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
      Generate more qualified leads

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