Our Complete B2B YouTube Channel Package Service

Setting up a whole YouTube channel coudn't be easier, let us take care of all of it for you at an unbeatable price! 


video journey of the buyer persona: Attract, engage, and then convert

Every video has to have a well defined marketing purpose and every YouTube channel must incorporate a well thought out marketing strategy in order for the channel to be a success: meaning it will become your lead generating machine! 

We have news for you YouTube isn’t going away in fact it’s becoming the norm and if you haven’t set up a YouTube channel yet and created the 10 video pillars that B2B leading businesses are using as their main lead magnet then you are missing the train and falling behind your competitors.    

Having your unique and highly customized YouTube Channel set up correctly will increase your traffic, generate you quality leads, and increase conversions to your offering!  

With a series of videos that address the key pain points of your buyer personas and offer the right solutions for them you will be able to take full advantage of what this amazing platform can offer your business. 

Key Benefits and Features This Service Offers You

       Showcase your company, it’s products, and services.
       Put the spotlight on your brand and services.
       Show your company’s core expertise and uniqueness.
       Rank for all types of competitive keywords.
       Build and engage a loyal audience and direct them to your offering.
       Start generating new leads and increase conversions.
       Improve your current SEO strategy, and increase traffic to your website.

Our Complete YouTube Channel Service Includes:

1. Creating the Channel according to YouTube’s latest algorithm-
with attractive banner, logo, right messaging, links (your website and other social channels).

2. Creating 10 video scripts that will attract and engage your buyer personas (based on client’s blog posts/articles).

3. Creating 10 original engaging videos (the 10 pillar videos)- these will be fully optimized for maximum engagement, retention, and audience interaction. All videos include complete video SEO (title, description, tags, CTA’s, CC’s, and more).

4. Creating customized original Intro to be used for each video.

5. Creating customized original outro to be used for each video.

6. Channel optimization – We will create a video optimization strategy for your TA/buyer persona including keywords you would like to target.

7. Create attractive video thumbnails as part of your video optimization strategy. A good thumbnail can increase conversion rates. and extremely important for search and video traffic.

8. Choose the video style of your choice- we have a few different styles to choose from.

9. Music and sound: Includes Royalty free music and royalty free sounds, and transitions.

10. Includes fonts,  graphic design, and stock video footage.
No hidden extra fees!

11. Top HD Quality for all videos we create.
12. Uploading videos to channel.

13. Includes placing title and description for each video.
Descriptions are around 250 words based on script. 

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Attract >>>Engage>>>Convert!